Faraway, Somewhere Zine #1 - Brett Wood x ツ


Faraway, Somewhere Zine #1 - Brett Wood x ツ


Faraway, Somewhere is a collaborative film photography project, which aims to unite image and text, in order to celebrate artistic expression. Each edition will feature text, accompanied by black and white 35mm photographs from a rotating list of film photographers.

1 roll of film

20 lines of text

the photographer sees the developed images for the first time in this zine, as do you.

It is made in the tradition of the Copy Zine, and as such the price goes directly towards the costs of making the zines and shipping them. This first issue features photographer Brett Wood (@liminaltart on Instagram).

1 random copy out of the limited run of 30, will be a special Golden Ticket edition, which includes a print from the zine by the featured photographer, as well as a colour print from myself (ッ)

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Concept by ッ (tsu)

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